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Sunshine Chinchillas

Sales Policy

Below is our terms and conditions for each sale we conduct. These are set forth to protect both the purchaser and ourselves for each transaction.

Please thoroughly read through our policy and this website before purchasing or adopting. Young chinchillas will come with a sample of the food they are on and an information care packet. Please read the packet thoroughly for information regarding bringing home your new chinchilla.

Feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Instagram for any inquiries or questions regarding our sales policy. 

Cash only

I do not accept checks or money orders for full payment for any reason. This is to protect both ourselves and the buyer from any issues regarding checks and money orders. On the day of adoption, the balance for the animal and/or supplies must be paid in full in cash.

Animal Availability

All animals available with Sunshine Chinchillas are available for adoption on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that the animal will not be exclusively held for any specific person UNLESS a deposit and a day/time has been chosen for adoption. The purchaser must arrive at the appointment and adopt the animal, otherwise the chinchilla will become available to the next person ready to adopt. 

Non-Refundable Deposits

All animals are available on a first-come, first-served basis. A deposit of $25 per chinchilla or $50 per rescue chinchilla must be placed to hold an animal, no exceptions. If a deposit is placed, this can be payed via PayPal only. We do not accept full payment through PayPal as this would require the purchaser to pay an extra fee to PayPal. The remainder of the fee is due in cash only upon the adoption day.

Failure to Communicate

If an adopter is interested in a certain animal and arrangements are made to adopt, the individual MUST maintain contact with Sunshine Chinchillas. Failure to respond to our contact attempts WILL result in the deposit being forfeited and the animal being placed up for adoption again. If we are unable to contact the adopter 48 hours prior to adoption, the adopter does not show up to the appointment, the adopter arrives hours later without notifying us, or the adopter reschedules more than two times, the adoption appointment will be canceled and the animal will be placed for sale again. 

Waiting List

As of May, 2021, we no longer offer to be added to a waiting list. Far too often do we have parties on our waiting list that do not inform us that they have found an animal or never reply back when they are next in line on the wait list. Therefore, our chinchillas are now only available on a first-come, first-served basis with a non-refundable $25 or $50 deposit to hold them. Please check our website frequently or inquire as to our availability. 


We do not offer shipping of animals, delivery or long-distance meet-ups for adoptions. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrive at the designated appointment time to pick-up the animal. Sunshine Chinchillas does not ship animals due to the Florida heat and the risk of stressing the animal in an airplane cargo hold, this can result in death. Sunshine Chinchillas does not deliver animals, both long and short distances. Sunshine Chinchillas will not travel long distances for the purpose of meeting halfway. We are a home-based business and do have jobs outside of Sunshine Chinchillas, therefore our schedules are not flexible to be able to drive long distances. 

Public Adoptions/Surrenders ONLY

Unfortunately, as of recently we have had to enforce this with all adoptions and surrenders. We will only meet in a public location; this ensures our safety, the safety of others, and the prevention of COVID-19. If you would like to surrender or adopt, please send us a message and we can setup an appointment.

Sick or Injured Animals Are Never Sold or Adopted Out

Here at Sunshine Chinchillas, we never adopt out animals that show signs of illness or injury. This is unethical and inhumane. Animals that show symptoms of illness or need medical attention are immediately taken to a veterinarian. No exceptions. 

Opposite Sex Animals

Sunshine Chinchillas does not condone pairing animals of the opposite sex unless they are pedigreed breeding/show quality animals from a reputable breeder paired for the purpose of reproduction. Therefore, we have the right to refuse a sale if an animal is being purchased for the purpose of irresponsible breeding. Males and females will reproduce and can potentially fight and injure each other if paired together. Animals also do not differentiate family members from mates; therefore, chinchillas housed with opposite sex siblings/parents/relatives WILL breed as they do not think the way humans do. Chinchillas do not need an opposite sex cage mate, this is reckless and unnecessary. Rescued chinchillas should NEVER be bred and will not be adopted out with an opposite sex cage mate, no exceptions. If you are looking to find a cage mate for your chinchilla, please let us know what gender they are and we can help you find the perfect match of the same sex. We do not encourage or condone breeding without prior consult with a reputable breeder, attending shows, or purchasing show-quality pedigreed animals. Under no circumstances does Sunshine Chinchillas ever condone backyard breeding or selling ill or injured animals.

Bonding Chinchillas

If you are purchasing an animal from Sunshine Chinchillas to bond with another chinchilla, this animal will not be covered by the replacement policy if it is injured and/or passes away. Chinchillas do not require having a cage mate to be content, getting another chinchilla is purely based on what the owner wants. Therefore, if an animal is purchased from Sunshine Chinchillas and introduced to another chin, we are not responsible for any accidents or deaths that occur. Please follow proper chinchilla bonding techniques to ensure the safety of the animals.

Risk of Death During Travel

Sunshine Chinchillas does not recommended taking our animals onto airplanes. If you choose to do this, we are not responsible for the animal if it passes away. Animals that pass away due to travel via airplane or long distance car rides are not eligible for refunds or replacements.

Third-Party Pick-Ups

Sunshine Chinchillas does not recommend using third-party animal transport services as chinchillas can be tricky to transport safely if the utmost care is not provided. Sunshine Chinchillas does not take any responsibility for injuries and/or deaths that can result from using these transport services. If you use a transport service, you MUST communicate this prior to adoption. If this is not communicated, the deposit will be forfeited to Sunshine Chinchillas and the animal will not be adopted out.

We Are a Private Facility

Due to our business being very small scale, we are a home-based facility. We have the right to not allow strangers into our home for any reason at anytime. As of August 2021, we will only be fulfilling appointments at a meetup location of our choosing. This ensures our customers and our safety by choosing a public location to meet, this also reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

We Do Not Allow Tours of Our Facility

Once again, we are very small scale and are not a pet store. We do not have business hours and our home is not open to the public, we do not offer "playdates" for strangers to come play with our animals. We do not provide tours of our home or animals as this puts our chinchillas health at risk due to transmittable diseases, stress, and possible mishandling. We also follow all social distancing protocols to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Cancellations and No Shows

Any appointment cancellations MUST be confirmed with us 48 hours prior to the appointment change. Any cancellations or no-shows that occur same day as the pick-up date immediately forfeit any animal and/or non-refundable deposit to Sunshine Chinchillas. We understand that life happens and is not always predictable, therefore we do allow for up to three cancellations with AT LEAST 48 hours notice beforehand. Any cancellation or no-show that occurs without notice is cause for immediate termination of the adoption. Animals in this situation will immediately become available to the next person ready to adopt. This is for the protection of our animals; constant unnecessary travel as a result of repeat cancellations or no-shows can cause extreme strain on any animal. For the consideration of the chinchilla(s) well-being, this policy protects them from unneeded stress.

Same Day or Next Day Pick-Up Will Require A Deposit

If you contact us and would like to adopt an animal the same day or the next day after inquiring, we require a non-refundable deposit of half the adoption price. This deposit is non-refundable no matter the situation; if you decide upon our meet-up that you are no longer interested in the animal, this fee will not be reimbursed. This prevents "window shopping" and/or impulsive adoptions which spares our animals from unnecessary stress.

We Do Not Allow "Meeting" the Chinchilla Without Adopting

Some breeders and rescues offer to do this, but here at Sunshine Chinchillas we currently do not. This is to prevent the spread of illness from person to chinchilla if the chin in question is not adopted after interaction, as well as keeping them from overexerting or overheating since we are in a very warm climate.


We Do Not Encourage Chinchillas as a Pet for Children under 13 years old

Chinchillas can be high strung and flighty, most do not like being held. Chinchillas are not cuddly in any way and are not a good pet for small children, they should never be interacted with by a child unsupervised. Just like any animal, there is the potential that they can bite, spray, or bark as a defense. If purchasing for a child, we are not responsible if the animal is mishandled, handled too much, unsupervised with a child, or not given the alone time they need and either react negatively or pass away. 

We Do Not Allow Another Animal to "Meet" Our Animals Before Adopting

Some breeders and rescues offer to do this, but here at Sunshine Chinchillas we currently do not. This is to prevent the spread of illness from chinchilla to chinchilla if the chin in question is not adopted after interacting with an unknown animal, as well as keeping them from overexerting or overheating since we are in a very warm climate. Please note, chinchillas should only be bonded through proper techniques, having two animals briefly meet prior to adoption is not a reliable way of getting an idea of their interaction with each other in a home environment without proper bonding attempts. 

We Do Not Buy Back Chinchillas

I do not buy back chinchillas that have been purchased from Sunshine Chinchillas or any animal for that matter. I will, however, take back any chinchillas that have been adopted out by Sunshine Chinchillas. 

Breeding Animals Purchased at Sunshine Chinchillas

We do not encourage nonchalant breeding of animals. These are living beings that deserve to be cared for properly, if you bring animals into this world via breeding you are responsible for their well-being. We do not condone the breeding of animals purchased here at Sunshine Chinchillas without a prior consult with a reputable chinchilla breeder, attending chinchilla shows, and purchasing show quality pedigreed animals. Unless stated otherwise, animals sold at Sunshine Chinchillas are not to be bred. Rescue chinchillas should never be bred under any circumstance. If you would like to purchase a show quality breeding pair, please contact us and let us know your intentions. We encourage joining the chinchilla organizations MCBA if you are interested in breeding and showing. Under no circumstances do we condone backyard breeding or the abhorrent act of selling sick/injured animals. If you bring animals into this world, you are responsible for their well-being. 

Kits Do Not Leave Our Care Until At Least 10-12 Weeks Old

Under no circumstances will a kit ever leave our care before 10 weeks of age. Chinchilla kits are still babies and must be treated with the utmost care. Thus, we require them to stay with us for two weeks after being weaned from their mother. This ensures they are eating, drinking, growing, and adjusting to life without their mom. If a kit is over 10 weeks and is still under 200 grams, they will not leave until they are the proper weight regardless of age.

Please Remember: These Are Living Creatures

Occasionally, kits may not grow as fast as we'd like. If they are not the weight we want them to be before being taken home, they will not be leaving our facility. Kits can lose weight in a matter of days, we do not have control of this. Although rare, it does happen and can affect the scheduled pick-up date. Please remember, these are living creatures with fluctuating needs that we can't always control. Thus, please take this into consideration and be prepared if something changes.

Refusal of Sale

I have the right to refuse a sale to any person(s) whom I feel cannot take care of the animal(s) they are interested in.

Must be 18 or Older to Purchase

I do not sell to anyone under the age of 18 without a parents consent.

Shipping Not Available

We do not offer to ship chinchillas at this time. However, we do have supplies available for purchase that can be shipped.

Meeting Long Distances

On the rare occasion that we do offer to meet long distance, we ask for a fee $45 per hour of driving to meet. Non-refundable deposit of $25 is required before traveling. Upon meeting, the remainder of the balance for any animal(s), delivery fees and/or supplies is due in cash only.

Young Chinchillas

Chinchilla kits will only be eligible to go home once they are at least 10 weeks or older and over 200 grams. No exceptions. Any animals up for adoption that are over four months old are typically a rescue animal unless otherwise stated.

No Veterinary Health Guarantee

We do not offer a veterinary health certificate guarantee with our animals. This is due to chinchillas not needing routine teeth filings, check-ups, vaccinations, neuters/spays, or any other non-emergency related veterinary care. We do not breed animals with genetic defects or illnesses; we also will not sell an animal that shows signs of any illness.

Fungus/Ringworm Policy

We do not offer refunds or replacements for animals that develop fungus/ringworm as it does not cause injury or illness. This ailment has the ability to crop up in any animal as it is due to weather, warmth and humidity. There is no way to confirm whether it started in our facility or in the home of the adopter. This is not lethal and can be treated and prevented at home with Lotrimin foot powder.

No Refunds; Replacements Only

If an animal passes away within seven days of adoption, a necropsy is required to determine cause of death. Any replacements will be based on a vet's examination that the chinchilla was sick prior to being purchased. Any and/or all veterinarian costs are the responsibility of the purchaser(s). Sunshine chinchillas is not responsible for veterinarian costs once the animal leaves their care. Proof of vet visit will be required to be submitted to Sunshine Chinchillas.

Replacement Policy

This does not cover accidents, acts of God, negligence or neglect by the pet owner. Disregarding information in our care packet, accidental injuries, death from natural causes, poor care or neglect will not warrant a replacement animal to be provided. If a necropsy reveals any of these to be the cause of death, replacement policy is null and void. Animals that pass away due to stomach impaction from improper materials in their cage, overexertion and/or overheating from playtime, too large of a cage for a very small kit, dangerous cage accessories, and any other causes that directly breach our policies are immediately disqualified from being eligible for replacement. 

Cage Setups and Supply Packs

Please note that any cage setups we sell are almost always re-purposed used cages. Any cage setup sold is typically priced based on the supplies it comes with rather than the cage itself. Supplies included can be a mixture of new or used and will be priced accordingly. If you are looking for a brand new cage, we can recommend some brands upon request.

Animals Bred by Sunshine Chinchillas

Will be guaranteed only for the first 5 days post-purchase against communicable diseases. No genetic guarantee is available. Rescue animals have no health guarantee. 

Rescue Animal Information

  • More often than not, I will not know adequate background information to determine an exact age or birthday of the animal.
  • Most often we do not know the animals full background or history.
  • We usually have no prior health background on the animal, therefore there is no health guarantee. Therefore, there is no guarantee that any rescue animal does not carry something that could affect any other chinchillas you may own. Please always quarantine any animal you adopt from your current chinchilla(s).
  • We will not sell any animal that shows signs of illness or injury for any reason.
  • I CANNOT guarantee the adopted animal does not bite, these are prey animals that can react if mishandled.
  • We do ask for an adoption fee as this helps take care of other rescue animals we receive.
  • I do not buy back any chinchilla(s) that has been adopted from Sunshine Chinchillas. If you need to surrender your chinchilla you adopted, please visit our surrender page.
  • No rescue animal should ever be used for breeding purposes; we will refuse an adoption of an animal to a home with a chinchilla of the opposite sex.
  • We always quarantine and DO NOT allow owner surrenders or rescues in the same room as our herd, no exceptions. We highly encourage new owners to quarantine any new chinchilla from any established chinchilla(s) for at least 30 days.
  • We accept non-refundable $25 deposits to hold an animal and the remainder must be paid in cash. Please see above policies regarding payment process.
  • The same sales policies above regarding animals bred here will also apply to our rescue animals as well. 

If you are interested in adopting a rescue, please email me. I do ask for some information to make sure that the animal will be going into the proper home.

By purchasing and/or adopting a chinchilla(s) from Sunshine Chinchillas you are acknowledging and accepting these terms of sale

*Upon receipt of your chinchilla you will be asked to print, sign and date a copy of the sales policy for our records*

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