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Sunshine Chinchillas

Price List 

This is a general guide of the prices for the various colors. We do not breed or offer pet quality chinchillas; if you're looking for something more affordable please consider rescue as those animals need homes too. This is just a general guide of what you should expect when pricing out what mutation you are looking to purchase. We breed on a very small scale and do not have all of these mutations, we focus more on rescuing chinchillas in need to find them homes.

Prices for animals are non - negotiable. Prices are based on show placings, availability, age and color. 

If you are looking for a more affordable animal please consider a rescue. Rescues need homes too and can make excellent pets.

These prices do not reflect the cost of a cage or supplies. This is the cost of the animal only. Cages, food, hay, supplies, toys and dust would all be additional costs associated with owning a chinchilla. 

Please review our sales policy before purchasing or adopting.

Find our available animals below:

Animals For Sale

Rescues for Adoption


Price Range

Standard Grey (Non-carrier, VC, SC, LRWc, BPc)


Black Velvet, Brown Velvet


Mosaic, TOV Mosaic, White Ebony

$500-$750 (depending on markings)

Pink White, TOV Pink White, Tan White

$550-$775 (depending on markings)

Hetero Beige, Homo Beige, Homo Tan


Ebony (light, medium, dark, extra dark)

$300-$600 (depending on darkness of color)

Tan (light, medium, dark, extra dark)

$300-$600 (depending on darkness of color)

Violet, TOV Violet


Sapphire, TOV Sapphire


White Violet, White Sapphire

$650-$800 (depending on markings)

Violet Wrap, Sapphire Wrap (light, medium, dark, extra dark)

$500-$750 (depending on darkness of color)

Blue Diamond, TOV Blue Diamond


White Diamond


Blue Diamond Wrap (light, medium, dark, extra dark)

$1000-$2000 (depending on shade)

Lowe Recessive White (Goldbar)


Black Pearl


Royal Persian Angora

$1500-$5000 (depending on color/fur length)

Locken (Curly)

$1000-$3000 (depending on color/curl pattern)

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